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Brisbane Pilates and Brisbane Personal Training

Not happy with your body, health or performance? Our holistic mind-body personal training will provide you with a customised plan that is unique to your needs and a program that is going to achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals, whatever they may be.


Our programs are evidence-based, which means they are backed up by science, so you can be confident in receiving cutting edge advice, safety and proven ability.


We have consulted busy professionals, successful business people, baby boomers and health conscious men & women with all sorts of conditions...


disc bulges, post operative spinal surgery, osteoporosis, shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries, postural and neck pain, post operative knee surgery, osteoarthritis, sporting injuries, cancer, diabetes, chronic back pain, pre and post natal, pelvic floor strengthening, hip replacement and not to mention conditioning for athletic performance efficiency.


You name it, we can help you and in the instance that we can't, we will refer you on to the right health professional.

So whether you want to:


  • Lose 5 kilos or 30 kilos

  • Be pain-free and enjoying life again

  • Get on top of any niggling injuries holding you back

  • Feel strong and flexible for powerful living

  • Manage blood pressure or cholesterol or blood sugar levels without unnecessary drugs

  • Lessen your stress & avoid having a heart attack

  • Improve your posture and get rid of nagging neck and shoulder tension

  • Develop core strength & say goodbye to back pain

  • Look great and feel amazing with renewed confidence 

  • Get your spark back again and improve your relationships

A Body Life + Soul personal training program will change your life... for the better!



Pilates conditions the entire body through precisely aligned movements that strengthen and stretch muscles simultaneously.  This results in balanced muscles, superior posture, a well-defined physique and optimal functional performance.  Precision of movement engages your mind and works in harmony with your breath.  This harmony is essential to controlling movement and developing core control with stabilistion of the pelvis and spine.   This is what gives Pilates its reputation as a superior rehabilitation technique and providing the elusive edge for athletic performance. 



At Body Life + Soul, we come fully equipped with Balanced Body equipment – Reformers, Cadilac, Barrels and Chairs – to provide you with a comprehensive Pilates experience.


Brisbane Pilates Newstead


Kinetic Link Training is functional resistance training in its finest form that utilises the Life Fitness cable motion system together with free weights.  Its systemised approach trains full body integrated movement patterns, by combining upper and lower body patterns in smooth and coordinated actions. It employs the principles of:


  • Dynamic Stability Training - when force transfer between upper and lower limbs occurs through a controlled core and peripheral stability at the joints, this enables the development of maximum strength, maximum power, coordinated smooth movement and enhanced proprioception.


  • Stabilisation Limited Training - your body's movements are only trained to the extent that the stabilising muscles of your body are providing sufficient support. Movements are generally performed in standing to engage all the muscles in the entire kinetic chain, from your toes to finger-tips.


  • Kinetic Link Principle - Movement is initiated at the core and sequentially to toes and finger-tips.  Movements are closely observed for any break downs in the kinetic link to identify the real culprit of an injury.  For example, a right shoulder injury can be caused by left glute weakness that stemmed from left ankle stiffness.  We get to the source of your problem.


Kinetic Link Training trains movements not muscles, unlike traditional forms of resistance training which seeks to isolate and strengthen individual muscle groups.  For this reason, at Body Life + Soul, Kinetic Link Training forms an integral part of advanced rehabilitation and sports conditioning.  


And one other thing, Kinetic Link Training should form the cornerstone of your anti-ageing fitness program and weight loss program.  As you age you lose up to 10 percent of your muscle tissue each decade after 30 and this is the reason for weight gain and increase risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease. When you lose muscle, your body loses its capacity to metabolise fat and sugar from carbohydrates.  Building and preserving muscle is of utmost importance if you want to live a healthy and independent life. 


Brisbane Personal Training Newstead
Brisbane Personal Training Newstead


What you eat and when you eat matters.  Eating the right nutrients at the right time can dramatically improve the results that you get from exercise.  In simple terms, it can mean more muscle tone and greater fat loss.


Food is more than kilojoules, it provides metabolic information for your genes telling them what to do.  Food can tell your body to store fat and breakdown muscle or it can tell your body to build muscle and lose fat.  You will learn simple ways to harness the powers of metabolic nutrition that reprograms your metabolism  so that you lose weight, increase lean muscle tone and improve your health.


Whether your aim is to shed kilos of body fat, achieve peak performance, sculpt the body of your dreams or age-proof your body, metabolic nutriton provides you with the tools to overcome obstacles that derail progress.  We help you develop a metabolic nutrition and exercise plan that fits in with your lifestyle and gets you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.


Personal Training Brisbane Pilates


When it comes to losing your excess weight and preserving your youth, the evidence suggests that it is best to cardio train in short bursts of intense efforts, alternating with recovery intervals for no more than 20 minutes.  


When compared to continuous aerobic training, intense interval training, which can either be high intensity or moderate intensity, have superior health benefits:

  • Increases fat burning

  • Improves muscle tone and promotes muscle growth

  • Improves insulin sensitivity helping to manage blood sugar levels & prevent diabetes

  • Significantly improves heart-lung fitness

  • Lowers your risk of heart disease by 20-40%

  • Boots energy levels

  • Gets you fit fast!


At Body Life + Soul we're fully committed to your success.  That's why we keep our personal training sessions very personal.  We offer consultations either as Private (one-on-one) or Semi-private (two-on-one) so you can be assured you are getting VIP service all the way.


Body Life + Soul personal trainers are serious about giving you a dedicated and personalised service, so you can achieve superior health, fitness and wellness results.  We provide you with the motivation, support and all the encouragement that you need to reach your goals. At the start of your program we do an assessment to establish your Body Baseline and then regularly reassess every 6-8 weeks.  We keep you accountable by tracking your workouts and your progress each visit so that you stay on track to reach your goals.  

You can be assured that you will achieve exceptional results at Body Life + Soul.


So that you can truly see what we are about and learn about our unique programs, we offer all prospective personal training clients a complimentary consultation.  If you are serious about achieving your health, fitness and wellness goals, don't delay any longer, get started today.


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