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Are you embarrassed about your weight?

Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable about your weight, having rock-bottom energy levels and low self-esteem that's robbing you of confidence at work or with your relationships?


Find out how you can have the body that you have always dreamed of and the health that you deserve.  We can show you how you can achieve permanent weight loss by re-programming your body's metabolism - a metabolism that will burn fat and build lean muscle tissue - by using the right metabolic exercise, the right metabolic nutrition and a positive mindset.  That's right no gimmicks, no harmful drugs or procedures and no quick fixes...just steady and long-lasting weight loss results.  


If you're serious about getting permanent weight loss results so that you can have a body that you are proud of with loads of energy, then find out more about our Body Transformation programs, including private and semi-private personal training.  


Request a complimentary Body Transformation consultation today.





Not happy with your body's performance?


Are you tired of poor performance, not knowing how to change your faulty biomechanics and having weak and tight muscles that are letting your performance down?  


Learn how you can take your body to the next level, whether it is to improve your golf swing or to give you the edge for your sport or to keep you injury free. 


If you're serious about optimising your training and recovery to make it more balanced so that you can achieve significant performance results, we can help you with our Performance Efficiency program, including private and semi-private personal training.


Find out more by requesting a complimentary Performance Efficiency consultation today.


Is pain and injury getting on top of you?


Are you tired of being in pain, feeling worn down and not being able to do the things that you would love to do?


Want to learn how you can rehabilitate your body safely and permanently from pain and injury by correcting your muscle imbalances - strengthening your weak muscles and stretching your tight muscles - together with healing and anti-inflammatory nutrition?


Whether you have back pain, shoulder & rotator cuff pain, neck pain, knee pain, disc bulge, sciatica or spinal and orthopaedic surgery, we have a holistic solution to permanently manage your problem.


If you're serious about getting results so that you can live a pain-free life, radiate wellness and have the strength and mobility to be able to do the activities you love, find out more about our Pain-Free Rehab programs, including private and semi-private personal training.  


Request a complimentary Pain-Free Rehab consultation today.


Is your health letting you down?


Are you tired of feeling unwell, having to rely on medication plus feeling concerned about your medical results and future impact on your health?   


Want to learn how to improve your health with the right lifestyle changes, whether it is high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, managing diabetes or arthritis or getting back on track following cancer?


If you're serious about improving your health condition so that you can live the life that you want to and be around to see your grandchildren grow up, then find out more about our Better Health Lifestyle program, including private and semi-private personal training.  


Schedule a complimentary Better Health Lifestyle consultation today.

Do your  find stairs difficult because of your osteoarthritic knees? Perhaps you have noticed your posture becoming stooped from back pain.  Is your neck stiff when you reverse your car?  Has pain resigned you to feelings of hopelessness and feeling depressed about getting older?  


Want to learn how you can strengthen and stretch your body to give you better mobility, enhanced posture and confidence in maintaining independence.  Perhaps you may even be able to put off surgery.  We use science-based exercise and nutrition that really works to age-proof your body.


If you're serious about getting results so that you can exude wellness, look toned and attractive and refreshed and energised well into older age, find out how with our Ageing Well program, including private and semi-private personal training.


Schedule a complimentary Anti-ageing Fitness consultation today.



Not ready for a consultation just yet, but want more info?  Register to download our FREE REPORT:


"Anti-ageing fitness and weight loss secrets every man & woman must know"




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