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Pilates Brisbane and Personal Training Brisbane
Who else wants to get rid of low back pain?





  • Has your pain resigned you to feelings of hopelessness? 
  • Are you feeling miserable or frequently experience bad moods - which strain your relationships with your loved ones? 
  • Is it stopping you from playing with the kids? 
  • Does it lay you up for days?
  • Do you turn down social invitations because of your pain? 
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this workshop can help you to gain back control and help your back to feel healthy and strong again.  In this practical workshop you will take home simple step-by-step advice that you can using straight away.
Here's what to expect from the Fix Your Back Workshop:

Posture, muscle imbalance & pain.


Understand how your posture is contributing to your pain and muscle imbalances and how to fix it.  You will learn simple and effective postural techniques that you can do anywhere, anytime.

Breathe for better core function.


Learn how simple breathing techniques are imperative to good core functioning to support your back.  Breathing better can strengthen your back and decrease your pain.

How to get mobile & moving.


The best exercises to get you mobile and moving.  You will learn why flexibility exercises and massage alone can do more harm than good.  We will show you the right way to stretch and gain mobility to your stiff areas.

It's more than core strength.


While the core is one important aspect of back rehab, you will learn the best exercises that develop your body's other muscle support mechanisms to get you back doing the activities you love with complete confidence.  Learn how key muscle groups work holistically to strengthen your back.

Low Back Pain Toolbox


You will learn simple take-home exercises for your Low Back Pain Toolbox so that you can recover quicker, prevent flare-ups and get your back feeling stronger.

FIX YOUR BACK - Low Back Pain Workshop


When:   Saturday 29th August 2015

              10am-12 noon




              Tuesday 1st September 2015



Where:  Body Life + Soul

               3/22 Newstead Tce

               Newstead QLD 4006


Spaces are limited.  Register today.


Register your name and phone number. Click below. 

Or call 3161 4047 today.

Workshop is led by

Leona Mirtschin,

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Provider number 2777593F

Health fund rebates may apply.

Piltes Brisbane and Personal Training Brisbane

Get a preview of what's to come in the Fix Your Back workshop. 


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